How to Check My Business Credit Score?

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How to Check Your Business Credit Score
A strong business credit score is more important than ever in today’s world. A low or bad rating can hurt your finances by making it harder for you get loans, causing higher insurance premiums on services such as life and property coverage plans (which might not even cover what they are owed). Luckily checking our own personal ratings often comes down simple – all that needs doing now? Searching through one of many free databases available online!

How Do Business Credit Scores Work?

The business credit score is just like your personal one, but specifically for loans. It’s a number that lenders use when deciding whether or not to extend you money and what interest rate they should charge if the loan gets approved in order of how likely it would be repaid with accurate information on-time payments made every month!

Where Can I Check My Business Credit Score?

There are a few different methods for checking your business credit score. It’s important to do this on an ongoing basis, as it can have significant impacts in relation to getting loans or other forms of financing that you may be looking into taking out with the help from these scores alone!

Here are some of the best ways to check your business credit score:
1) Request an annual report from one or all three major bureaus at once through AnnualCreditReport.com 2) Get a 700 Credit Score

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