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Get a 700 credit score FAST. We have credit repair services that help to fix your credit report to a 700+ credit score. If you have poor or bad credit, don’t worry! Get a 700 Credit Score can help.
Fixing your credit is one of the most important things you can do to make sure no one can use your credit history against you. But with so many bad credit repair scams out there, it’s hard to know who and what companies are actually legit. We’re here to help. Our specialists have been helping American consumers fix their credit for more than a decade. If you have bad credit and need help, sign up today!


We offer live phone consultations with our licensed agents. Let us review your situation and help you achieve your goal from the comfort of your own home, free of charge!


Set up your account in minutes, we only need a few pieces of info and a credit report from each bureau to get started. You gain credit repair serviced matched for your unique needs.


We go after creditors and bureaus on your behalf, handling all intricate paperwork and document processing. We’re on your side. You are assigned your own personal credit expert.

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Did you know that most credit reports include mistakes? Those mistakes can be repaired, and we are here to help. Creditors and bureaus make mistakes all the time, but your credit report will never show it.

If you have been trying to resolve a credit problem on your own and nothing seems to be working, give us a call. We can help with the hard part — going after creditors and credit bureaus — while you concentrate on your life and what matters most

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Credit repair is a powerful way to raise your credit score and get the approval you need. We offer fast, reliable credit repair services. We handle everything from start to finish, saving you time and paperwork. 

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Proven Strategy

Get a 700 Credit Score by Masters Credit Consultants provides a variety of credit-related services to improve a client’s credit rating. A consultation can help determine which services are appropriate, and will assist in creating a plan to follow. Our consultants work with consumers and credit bureaus to remove erroneous marks from a credit report.


During your one-on-one consultation, you’ll speak with a credit specialist about any concerns you have about your credit. The specialist will go over your report and break down what’s on it. He or she will discuss your options with you and help you regain control of your financial future.


Now days, your credit score is not something to be taken lightly. Today, people have been denied homes and jobs based on their credit scores. It is critical to manage your credit score by eliminating any collection accounts, correcting any mistakes on your report, and by having regular statements sent to get the most accurate information.


Helping you maintain good credit can lead to a lot of perks in your life. Credit is an important factor in your professional and financial life. If you take care of your credit and strive for the best credit score, you will be able to find best interest rate available with the right level of loans or lines of credit.


The repair of your credit is not just an easy process, Nor one that can be completed overnight. Our consultants are seasoned professionals who know exactly what it takes to get you where you want to be.


We enjoy helping you
live better and stay on top of your credit

We are committed to achieving our motto and making sure your experience is the best. By giving you the best credit repair services available and at affordable prices, we help you achieve your goals.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our credit repair clients say:

Joseph was able to remove all negative items from my credit reports. I’m now qualified for a home purchase and can finally start living the good life!

Lucy H.

My consultant Tammy was able to help me fix my credit and get back on the right track. She delivered everything promised, which is why I recommend their services highly!

Brenda T.

 Working with McKayla has been one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks for all you have done guys! My credit scores are higher than any other time in my life!

Jesse W.

Thank You!

If you are looking for a credit repair company with experience, look no further. We are quickly growing as a result in happy customers.

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We’ve got the tips and tools you need to figure out how to boost your credit score, repair your bad credit, and monitor your credit.


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